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BIOS DataBytes is an online resource created to help educators around
the world bring ocean data into the classroom.

At BIOS, the heart of the educational journey is experiential learning that provide students with practical experiences and opportunities to hone their technical and interpretive skills. We created BIOS DataBytes so educators around the world could bring ocean data into their classrooms and provide these transformative experiences for their students using real-world science and applications.

BIOS DataBytes is a digital resource of curated oceanographic and atmospheric data sets and supporting media for educators. These resources support educators in overcoming the challenges of working with databases and large data sets by making them accessible and specifically tying them to larger ocean and atmospheric phenomena.

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Dive into the DataBytes Projects

Ozone in the Troposphere

Learn about ozone sampling at the Tudor Hill Marine Atmospheric Observatory

Hypoxia in Saanich Inlet

Track the annual cycle of deepwater oxygen renewal in this Canadian fjord.

Zooplankton Vertical Migration

Explore circadian rhythms as zooplankton make their daily journey up to the sea surface at night and back down to deeper waters during the day.

Data and Ocean Literacy

An ocean-literate person understands the essential principles and fundamental concepts about the functioning of the ocean; can communicate about the ocean in a meaningful way; and is able to make informed and responsible decisions regarding the ocean and its resources. Core to the continual process of building ocean literacy and success in a knowledge-based economy is working with data sets. Data come from an increasing number of streams in higher volumes than ever before. Fundamental to managing and interpreting those data is cultivating problem solving and critical thinking as foundational skills for building confidence working with large data sets. BIOS believes that utilizing data to answer questions about ocean and atmospheric phenomena is at the heart of a twenty-first century skillset.


BIOS DATABYTES is funded through continuing awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF) programs and works in partnership with the Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO).

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